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TaperTite Plank Flooring Grades

Cottage Grade Products:
Common to all species in this grade are the following:
(1) Open grain defects are factory fixed, through defects are eliminated. Lengths run
Typically 12’’ up to 10’, sometimes lengths go to 12’, and not more than 5% are 12’’.
The average length for all species is about 4’6’’.
(3) We leave the premium wood in the planks of this grade to assure good lengths.
Walnut: Black walnut has lots of color and grain variations, there is typically more sapwood (the medium brown to light colors) occurring throughout the individual pieces. The knots can be quite large at times and figured grain does occur often. This species run a bit shorter than typical cottage grade in our line.
Red and White Oak: Both oaks have naturally occurring color and grain variations going from dark streaks to wild swirls, sapwood variations and the character marks can be small pock marks to tight knots. Good lengths.
Cherry: Cherry has natural occurring grain variations, knots, pitch pockets and sapwood working it’s way through out the planks. Good lengths.
Natural Ash: Ash has a lot of sapwood/heartwood variations due to the characteristics of this species. The knots are frequent and change from whitish to brown depending on the plank. Ash is running good on lengths, a lot of planks coming in at 12’.

Premium Grade Products:
Common to all species in this grade are the following:
Excellent lengths, 30’’ minimum up to 16’ at times, average lengths, 6’-7’.
Grain swirls, cat eyes and sapwood to heartwood variations do occur. No knots (except in walnut) or filled defects allowed.
Walnut: Black Walnut has sapwood to heart wood variations, excellent color and good lengths; this species allows 24’’ minimum length, up to 10’. There is grain swirls and if the plank gives a sound knot, it is allowed in premium grade.
Curly Maple: Curly Maple allows 24’’ minimum lengths up to 12’, the curl does vary plank to plank, some being quitar quality and some not. Sapwood to heart wood color variation is typical, custom orders can be requested as highly figured and/or no heartwood.
Red Oak/White Oak: Red Oak has minimum sapwood and excellent color. Some color variations are typical.
Natural Ash: Natural Ash has sap to heart wood contrast within the planks as well as the possibility of one plank being lighter in color and another being darker in their entirety.
Cherry: Cherry has sap and heart wood variations and slight pitch marks in this grade.
Hard Maple: Hard Maple is selected for white color and can have occasional mineral flecking. This species runs fairly true to a “select grade”.

Quarter and Rift Sawn Products: (recommended for lake front and radiant heat applications)
“A” Grade White and Red Oak: minimal sapwood, overall consistent color with some color ranges.
“B” Grade White and Red Oak: Sapwood and dark grain variations are typical; all open defects are factory fixed. Swirls, curly grain and flecking naturally occur. Color variation is typical to this grade.


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